Advertise and Market Your Business With Facebook Ads

From time immemorial, companies have relied heavily on advertising to reach out to their target customers and get their message across to those who count the most. With the growth, popularity and massive reach of social media and online advertising, businesses are now looking beyond the traditional tools of advertising. This brings them to Facebook Advertising.What is Facebook Advertising? (Facebook Ads)If you look at your profile page, you will be able to spot Facebook Ads that show up to the right of your page. These ads usually have a title, body and an image. With the help of Facebook Advertising, companies can run extremely targeted and easily customisable advertising campaigns to promote their business, products & services, a page on their website, or even their own Facebook Page.Designing your Facebook AdIn order to design a well targeted ad, you must -• Identify your goals – what do you want to promote?
• Identify who you want to reach with your Facebook ads based on demographics such as age, gender, location, education, workplace, political views and relationship status.
• Create your ad using a strong call to action, title, body and image
• Target your ad
• Set a budget for your ad campaign
• Review your ad and make necessary changes
• Submit your ad for approval
• Follow the policies defined by Facebook and wait for your ad to be approved.What are the Benefits of Using Facebook Ads?1. Demographic Targeting
A majority of the people who have advertised their brand using Facebook ads vouch for their effectiveness in targeting and engaging customers based on demographics such as age, location, gender, political views, educational and work status etc. What this means is that users see only those ads which are relevant to them based on their preferences, likes and interests, thus reducing chances of waste. These users are likely to be most receptive to your ads, increases your chances of connecting with them.2. Flexibility in Setting Ad Budget
You have total control over how much you want to spend on advertising by effectively pricing your ad campaign based on cost per click. Test your ads, monitor your spends and make necessary changes to your campaigns.3. Ease of Use
The Facebook Ads section is very easy to use by almost anyone. Once you have looked through the profiles of your fans to understand their preferences, you can easily design your ad using the most targeted Title, Body Copy and even a relevant image. Adding a strong call-to-action is very important.4. Customer Interaction & further Publicity
Users can like your ads. When they do, friends of your fans also get to know about it, thus creating greater visibility for your brand and ad.Track and monitor your ad campaigns closely to understand what works best for your business. Chances are that you will see a significant rise in traffic, fan base and inquires.